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About Amber

It took ages for me to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up...
and when I finally figured it out,
I realized I had already been doing it for years!

I trotted around the globe, for fun and profit. I worked as a professional sailor on yachts, an event manager for a billion dollar corporation and a marketer for men's fashion in New York City....

In my travels I have scuba dived in stunning seas,
explored remote lands and shopped in exotic bazaars
and with all these experiences my most treasured souvenirs are my PHOTOGRAPHS!

Soooo...when I asked my handsome, loving, PATIENT, husband for my fourth new camera in as many years, it finally clicked!! I was, and always have been a PHOTOGRAPHER.

How could I have missed it? Every occasion means 500 new pictures. AND I am never in any family, party or vacation photos! Why? Because I am the one holding the camera. At work with trade shows and events, Amber has the camera. Who chooses the locations, models and final shots for that brochure? Again, ME!

Excuse the pun, but "get the picture"?

I finally did!