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Cousin Ruthie?

Why not have your second-cousin Ruthie take that special portrait?
Or maybe my competitor?

We all know someone who has a camera with a big, long lens. Without getting technical, let me just say that all big lenses are not alike. Professional photographers spend thousands of dollars on equipment to create those special shots.

However, let’s say Ruthie does have all the costly gadgets and knows how to use it…is she going to follow you with that expensive gear for an hour or more, patiently finding just the right moments to capture? Then, will she take the time to retouch those little lines around your eyes? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!)

So you decide to go with a professional and not torture your cousin…why choose me over another professional?

Three reasons:

  • You like my style. It’s natural, joyous and full of life. We don’t pose awkwardly in front of a fake background. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine sometimes. It’s just not what I do.
  • I care about your portrait as much as you do. I still get excited seeing what we have created. I spend hours poring over images tweaking, retouching here and there, getting it just right.
  • We will have fun! I love what I do…I like my subjects. It’s a good time. Maybe it's a sentimental mother-daughter portait, your child and pet being super cute, or just you being amazingly glamorous…we’ll have a blast, and preserve those special moments with beautiful images.